Our mission is to take our clients from the pain to live a happy and good life.  Our plan is to help them to perform their best. Sports-related problems are different from normal day problems in our clinics we are here to help you to gain your normal activities again. Chiropractic care and Physiotherapy is a non-surgical and safe way of treatment, a therapeutic approach that helps alleviate pain and achieve optimal performance.

Sports rehabilitation is safe, therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively to treat pain achieve optimal performance. Sports Therapy reduces susceptibility for further sport-related injuries. Take you at the peak of athletic performance. Looking for sports injury rehabilitation to treat a recent injury? Find a sports rehabilitation clinic near you and book an assessment today we have experience of more than 12 years. We are registered with primary and secondary health care. We are different because we have a highly qualified team and specialists for sports-related problems. There are chiropractor, sports athlete trainers, and physical educator, we focused on the evaluation and proper rehabilitation. sports therapy care under the supervision of foreign highly qualified and appreciated male or female team members.

Agility is a necessary part of training for most sports. Quick reaction times make for quick feet, which could mean the difference between a turnover and a steal. The goal of our team for you

  • We will help you in Performance with Working on Agility
  • Targeted exercises help you return to pre-injury function
  • Personalized exercise prescription to improve mobility restrictions.
  • Preparation will be done to avoid recurring injury episodes.
  • Prepare you for archive peak athletic performance
  • Will help you to reduce susceptibility to further problems.
  • Assessment of injury is our main focus
  • Identify the root cause for the best treatment
  • Development of an individual plan
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Restore Normal Tissue Length and Joint Range of Motion.
  • Promoting Muscle Strength and Function

What makes us Unique?

  • Very much focused on our diagnosis
  • Skilled evaluation and assessment
  • We will give you a perfect plan with a time frame
  • Counter Check System
  • Your care is our priority
  • More Focus on Time frame to design a treatment plan
  • You can approach us online as well

Common sports injuries?

  1. shoulder impingement syndromes
  2. javelin thrower elbow
  3. boxer elbow
  4. tennis elbow
  5. jumpers’ knee
  6. mallet finger
  7. shin splint
  8. runner’s knee
  9. Golfer Elbow
  10. Back pain
  11. Wrist pain
  12. Shoulder joint Dislocation
  13. Elbow joint dislocation
  14. Shoulder joints dislocations
  15. Scaphoid dislocations
  16. Clavicular dislocations
  17. Hip joint dislocations
  18. Ligamental injuries
  19. ACL tear
  20. MCL tear
  21. PCL tear
  22. LCL tear
  23. Stress Fractures post-rehabilitation
  24. Tendonitis Bursitis
  25. Clavicle Fracture
  26. Mandibular joint dysfunction
  27. Groin strain

Physiotherapy is very important for the Polo Players to make them fresh and energetic for full Long time. It will boost you up. We will give you a multidisciplinary effect on the body so that your performance will be increased and your body will feel relax.

Covid-19 😷

"COVID-19: Don’t delay your care, we must work together for your protection. Rest assured, we are following strict Safety & Hygiene Standards consisting of disposable gloves, surgical mask with treatment area being sanitized before and after every patient."