Speech therapy

We are proving speech therapies for children as well as adults. Initially, we must know the real meaning of speech and language therapy. speech and language therapy, helps you communicate or you can say assist you to speak, make new words, understand words, make new sounds, help you produce better voice, not only verbal it helps you in non-verbal and written communication as well. We can also call speech therapy a ‘communication therapy’. Sometimes young children use sign language and picture communication even before they start talking. Although parents and therapists alike would like every child to speak if possible, it is important to help a child convey wants and needs using any mode possible in the early stages. This fosters learning builds vocabulary and reduces frustration.

We are providing the following treatments

• Speech and language delay
• Stammering
• Autism
• Down’s syndrome
• Articulation disorder
• Aphasia
• Dysphagia
• Apraxia
• Hearing impairment
• Cochlear implant
• Neuromuscular disorders
• Neurological disorders
• Parkinson’s

Adult’s services:

• Stroke or head injury
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Dysphagia ( swallowing disorder)
• Head or neck cancer
• Motor Neuron Disease
• a stammer
• voice problems
• a learning difficulty

Children’s Services

Children who have speech or language difficulties are likely to have problems communicating with others, forming relationships and friendships, and coping in school. Speech and language therapists help to develop children’s communication skills in partnership with parents/carers and other health and education professionals. The Community Clinic Speech & Language Therapy Service provides specialist assessment, advice, support, therapy, and training. Speech and language therapists see pre-school and school-age children who have a range of communication needs. These include
children who have:
• difficulty understanding language
• difficulty using language
• unclear speech
• a stammer
• autism
• down’s syndrome
• a hoarse voice
• hearing impairment
• learning difficulties.


Note: we provide home sessions under the supervision of highly qualified and apricated team members

Covid-19 😷

"COVID-19: Don’t delay your care, we must work together for your protection. Rest assured, we are following strict Safety & Hygiene Standards consisting of disposable gloves, surgical mask with treatment area being sanitized before and after every patient."