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Dr. Ahmed Awan

Dr. Ahmed holds the following internationally acclaimed degrees, diplomas and certifications as a Chiropractor & Physiotherapist:

  • Doctor in Chiro (DC), Canada
  • Masters in Sports Physical Injuries (MSP), Canada
  • Artificial Tissue Release Technique (ART), USA
  • Cyriax Modern Orthopaedic Manual Medicine (KSA), UK
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)

We encourage detailed consultation so visit and ask us questions. We invite you to bring a family member to one of your first few visits so that Dr. Ahmad can fully explain your situation to them and answer any questions they may have about how to help you.

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Covid-19 😷

"COVID-19: Don’t delay your care, we must work together for your protection. Rest assured, we are following strict Safety & Hygiene Standards consisting of disposable gloves, surgical mask with treatment area being sanitized before and after every patient."