Dr. Ahmad 

We consider our patients as a large extended family and treat them just as we would our own family members.

Chiropractic has proven to be a miracle to millions of people with spine, joints and muscle problems, often saving them from pain, disability and even surgical procedures. Some of the many conditions we have treated are severe sports injuries, whiplash, neck and cervical pain, lower back and lumbar pain, sciatica, muscle spasms and pinched nerve pain.


Our treatment goal is not only to relieve your pain but also to keep you pain-free. Although it takes some time for all the damaged structures to heal, in most cases your pain level should decrease fairly quickly, usually in 7 to 15 visits. Our experience has shown that the best results are achieved when the suggested treatment plan is followed completely, regardless of the pain level. This is because the pain will start disappearing long before most of the deep healing starts in the joints and muscles.

Chiropractic Care

for joints pain

Whether you suffer from an acute joint problem or a chronic joint pain issue such as arthritis, you’re probably searching for treatment that doesn’t rely on surgery or drugs to make your joints feel and function better. That’s why you should visit us as we can provide you with safe, drug-free, non-invasive care that helps you enjoy everyday life again.

Sports Injuries

Especially Golf, Polo, Cricket & Football

Chiropractic adjustments assist in restoring the natural balance that was present before the injury. Treatment of sports injuries at includes widely used physical therapies, heat and electronic muscle stimulation for muscle strains and sprains as well as Chiropractic Adjustments all under one roof. These techniques can help athletes return to training and perform at their peak level sooner.


We offer a proven pain relief treatment to restore joints mobility and allow your body to heal itself without medical procedures. Our pain management specialists treat muscle problems, spine and joint related issues such as sports injuries, back pains, pinched nerve pain, cervical pain and neck pain etc. We help you recover and return to your everyday activities with minimally invasive procedures.

Monitor Your Improvement

Monitoring of your improvement during each treatment and with periodic evaluations helps us to make sure you are progressing according to our plan. Upon completion of your individual treatment plan, periodic wellness (or maintenance) visits are necessary to help you maintain proper alignment and avoid any relapse.

We encourage detailed consultation so visit and ask us questions. We invite you to bring a family member to one of your first few visits so that Dr. Ahmad can fully explain your situation to them and answer any question they may have about how to help you.

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Our Procedures

Dr. Ahmed , is one of the Best Chiropractor in Lahore, and his team specialize in improving and recovery following conditions without any medication and non-invasive procedures:

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Our Services

Sports Injuries

Especially Golf, Polo, Cricket & Football

Sports Injuries


Neck & Shoulders


Lower Back

Lumber Spine


Imbalance & Disorientation

Before & After

Operation Physiotherapy


Acute Pain Management

Joints Pain

Arthritis Pain Management

Knee Injuries

Meniscus, ACL, PCL



Tennis & Golfer Elbow

Patients Therapy

Rotator Cuff Injuries
Postural Disorders
Pregnancy Related Problems
Wellness & Fitness Guidance


  • One of the finest Chiropractor experts that I have come across. Attentive, diligent and very professional. I have benefitted from his treatment and look forward to continuing.
    Omar Adil Patient
  • I visited many chiropractors in the past to get proper treatment for my scoliosis and I do know it sounds cliche but Dr Ahmad really helped to fix it. He really helped me get rid of that pain I was suffering from last two years. Dr is really friendly, professional and transparent about the process and gave me proper recommendations to improve my condition. He is one of the best chiropractors in Lahore and has my blind recommendation for everyone who has backpain, literally any body ache, arthirits you name it. Mark my word that you will feel a difference in your condition after your very first session with Dr.Ahmad
    Sulaiman Dawood Patient
  • Best spine and joint socialist. I had neck problem and now I am fully fit. I recommend teenagers and students who are facing back and neck pain . this is the best place for you guys to come and get properly treatment without taking medicine.
    Hamza Shahid Patient
  • I have serious lower back /disc issues for more than 10 years. I tried in all this time to find a trusted physiotherapist or chiropractor but was unable to trust anyone. My concerns were that they be qualified , professional and make me feel comfortable in that setting. My experience with Dr Ahmed the spine master has been outstanding and just in a few sessions my back started to improve a lot. I also really liked his team and the fact that he isn't keen on making you dependent on his sessions, instead he focuses on giving you take-home exercises. I know how important it is to hear peer reviews as that has what helper me decide so here is mine 😊
    Hafsa Maan Patient
  • Dr Ahmed is the best doctor I’ve ever come across. He’s very professional, so kind and respectful towards his patients. I’ve taken 4 sessions with him till now and I feel so much better than I first came to him. All thanks to him and his professional team for taking such good care and guiding me that I feel much better now. I highly recommend everyone who is suffering from back/neck/joints pains to take a session with him and see how he brings you back to life. Thank you Dr Ahmed 😃
    Maham Nayyer Patient
  • Visited Dr. Ahmed for treatment pertaining 5 disc slips/herniation, altogether. Earlier had tried different physiotherapists, due to which the injury spread to nerve impingement and extended strict bed rest. Hence wasting time and money, along side putting spine to further risk. His professional attitude, extensive experience and chiropractic expertise helped in swift path to recovery. With his recommended exercises, further improvement and stability is being achieved.
    Mahnam Asad Patient
  • Dr Ahmed and his team of speech therapist and physiotherapists have a highly professional and logical approach towards diagnosis and related treatment. Coupled with their positive and friendly attitude, I have the best experience and treatment. May Allah bless them and the patients with quick recoveries
    Arif Qazi Patient
  • This is the BEST chiropractor place I have ever been to. Such a caring staff, and kind doctors who listen and review my case very well. They answered all my questions and my pain that I had for EIGHT years is reduced. I travelled from overseas just for their clinic. I recommend for everyone with back and neck pain or injuries.
    Sarah R Patient

Best Certified Chiropractic Adjustment Clinic 

The Spine Master is dedicated to providing a holistic treatment that targets every patient’s unique pain and injuries. Whether you are facing severe neck pain, back pain, or other muscular tension in any part, Dr. Ahmad  is the best certified Chiropractor in Lahore (Pakistan) who can help relieve stubborn pain caused by any form of injury or accident. The clinic is also here to help with all kinds of chronic pain, including muscle spasms, stiffness, inflammation, or spinal pain.

We also offer personalized exercises for individuals recovering from an invasive operation or those going through a specific health condition that puts them at risk for developing muscle or nerve-related problems later on. With in-depth assessment and regular checkups, we ensure your overall health remains at its best at all times.

As a certified Chiropractor, Dr. Ahmad  believes in full transparency and provides patients with full information to help them make better decisions about their lifestyle. At your first visit, you will be made familiar with the science and techniques of chiropractic care, along with an evaluation to pick the right type of treatment for you.

Our services

Chiropractor Clinic provides chiropractic care, corrective exercise plans, and personalized physical therapy to ensure not only relief from pain but also healing of the underlying condition causing the pain.

Chiropractic Care

You will go through an in-depth evaluation so the underlying pain points and problem-causing areas can be identified. With the help of expert muscle manipulation, Chiropractor in Lahore Dr. Ahmad  will help your body become in proper alignment that was previously disturbed. Most of the time, one part of the spine or other body part gets pulled, strained, or moves out of its natural alignment, which causes pain as you perform daily tasks. Our chiropractic care will help solve this underlying issue with either the help of muscle manipulation, nerve stimulation, or soft tissue therapy.

By undergoing our treatment, the patient can gain multiple benefits without needing surgery or extensive medication, including:

  • Increased overall mobility
  • Relieved back and neck pain
  • Spinal injury relief
  • Natural muscle healing

What We Treat As Best Chiropractor in Lahore

If you go through any of these or other problems, our clinic can provide personalized treatment from the beginning to the end of your recovery process.

Sciatica pain can affect the leg’s mobility and send a feeling of muscle tightness from the hips to the lower back. We can help bring back mobility in your leg as well as relieve pain from the affected side in minimal time. Using painless techniques like disc readjustment and nerve relaxation, our patient is brought back to their original healthy state in a single appointment.

Back Pain can stem from multiple areas of the body, including the upper or lower spine and even the hips. Our certified Chiropractor in Lahore conducts evaluations and provides a treatment that targets the root cause. We offer low-force spinal adjustment treatments conducted over periods of 1 or 2 months that help a patient’s body heal naturally without needing an invasive operation.

Neck Pain can often arise from different types of injuries, accidents, or even from having a poor posture. Pinched nerves, strained muscles, or abrupt spasms can leave your overall body with lowered mobility that can also worsen with age. With the help of cervical manipulation, our clinic helps loosen up the pain-causing joints within the cervical vertebrae in the neck.

Shoulder Pain can be caused by strains, sprains, frozen shoulder, bursitis, or even a neck or spine injury. These can restrict your overall mobility for other parts of the body, including the legs, back, and even the face. For treating this, we offer multiple treatments, including alignment of the scapula, collarbone, or the root cause tendons or ligaments.

Arthritis can be a highly stubborn condition that does not go away easily. Its symptoms and pain can be hard to manage without medication or even surgery; however, the right Chiropractor can offer an alternative treatment. Depending on the severity and root of your arthritic care, Dr. Ahmad  will help relieve tightness by gentle soft tissue manipulation or traction and joint stretching to bring back mobility.

Personalized Physical Therapy

Sometimes your body needs to introduce a new range of motion in the joints, muscles, or tendons over a longer range of time. Post-operative recovery or an injury caused by an accident can require specific styles of corrective exercises to bring back motion and relaxation to the affected body parts. We offer individual exercises and postures that a patient can do on their own at home without expensive daily visits to the clinic.

Mobility Exercises

Our mobility exercises help bring back motion in the joints and eliminate future muscle spasms as you start doing everyday tasks after a surgery or injury.

Strength Exercises

These exercises are designed to enable recovering patients to regain a healthy level of strength in their muscles and joints. With these, our patients will be able to carry appropriate amounts of weight, engage in the push and pull tasks and minimize their reliance on others to live their daily lives as normal.

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